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I think Tumblr really needs to start having some gatherings.

If anyone wanted to arrange it, they could find a place in their region and start a text post for it if there wasn’t one already, and tag it with their state/country/county/et cetera.

For example, if this gets enough notes, I’ll start a Southeast Michigan post and tag it as ‘Michigan Tumblr Gathering’ so people can just search for that and find one near them.

Anyone can do it if you have enough people who want to go to a certain place.

And everyone going can add in things to do, or suggestions for where to go and when, and then a final decision can be made and it can be all planned out. (I’d suggest making a specific tag for that final decision so everyone would know when it was made and where to find it.)

And you can wear nametags with your URLs and cosplay and play games and do whatever you want.

So please reblog this and spread the word and start your own ‘[Region] Tumblr Gathering’-tagged posts!